April 30, 2010

Two cats

At the Piazza Popolo. This guy always rides around Rome with his cat on his shoulder, unfortunately I haven’t been able to get a picture with him riding the bike and his cat enjoying the wind in its hair, err, fur; but I’ll keep on trying!

Was away and then got lost because of a certain vulcano and never made it to the place where I had originally planned to post from – the other Rome. So I decided not to post at all during that time. Now I am back and posting commences as used to!


6 comments on “April 30, 2010”

  1. Hi for some reason the pics don’t open up in the subscription email. Kind regards, Donatella

    • Hi Donatella, the subscription email? I wasn’t aware there is such a future on my blog! I definitely haven’t changed any properties and have checked the post from 2 pcs and an iphone and can see the pic from all.

  2. Dear Hande,

    check your contact form on the about page (but also in this comment form). At the bottom there is a checkbox “Notify me of new posts via email” respectivley “Subscribe by email to this site”. Don’t know how this works on wordpress.com, ff this is a default feature or if it has to be activated/can be configured.

    Best regards

    • Ok, I found where these settings are. I have not changed them since I started, and can’t find any setting that specifically controls how much of the text gets shown in an alert email. There is a setting for how much text (full or summary) is shown on rss feeds (I have always had it on “full”, it still is). I am thinking the email alert is just that – an alert that there is a new post and you need to come here to see it. If this is a problem, please consider using the rss feed instead of the email alert.

  3. > I have always had it on “full”

    And I’m thankful for that. I dislike RSS feeds which only have a small excerpt of the posting.

    BTW: Can you send me an email with your contact information? I would like to ask you, if you would like to participate in my blog feature series about italian blogs, see http://ombelico.de/tags/vorgestellt/. More information via email.

  4. Hi Hande looks like everything is back to normal and working fine. Great pic as usual! Have a good rest of the day!

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