March 25, 2010


No, there is no need to visit Fiumicino city.


6 comments on “March 25, 2010”

  1. What/where is Fiumicino city?

    • Fiumicino city is just that, Francine, it is a city called Fiumicino, close to Rome, on the seaside. Everyone knows about the Airport that is in Fiumicino (the biggest one to reach Rome), but rarely anyone goes to the town.
      Update: I mean tourists rarely go there, Romans do actually go to Fiumicino, especially in the summer, for a good fish dinner, the town is full of (good and bad) fish restaurants. Just like Anzio, Nettuno, Ostia, Santa Marinella, Fregene that overflow with Romans in the summer for the beach/aperitivo/dinner…. But if you are in Rome for 4 days, as the average tourist, I see absolutely no reason to go there – the town isn’t scenic, and there are easier to reach (without a car) fish restaurants in Rome itself. And then there are some historic sites to visit, which we did on this day, but I am afraid they are something to do if you live here or are really interested in history, but not a must-do destination during a short visit to Rome.

  2. Fiumicino is more or less ancient Portus, the harbor built by claudius and expanded by trajan to receive goods when the Tiber river’s mouth was no longer navigable. Portus was connected to the navigable part of the Tiber with a canal. There are some interesting things to see in Fiumicino, including the Isola Sacra and good fish restaurants like Bastianelli Al Molo.

  3. Dear Hande and Katie-

    Thanks for such a complete explanation!

    I, of course, know the airport –I had no idea there was a city called Fiumicino.

    I learn something new every day from the best bloggers in the world!

  4. i am a big fan of Fiumicino, i have had great fish there and gelato, too. i have a friend who is from fiumicino and he knows all the little spots – best moscardini here, best orata here, best risotto alla crema di scampi here. i enjoy the port, it’s a nice place to go on a sunday eve with friends for an aperitivo. near bastianelli al molo (which sadly, i find overpriced and overrated, sorry, disagree with you Katie) there is an area near the water where you can sit on the rocks. i find it peaceful. i guess for those of us who live in rome (lived, in my case) fiumicino is a get-away, and a lovely one at that :) x shayma
    PS hande, this is a beautiful photo, as are all your other photos here.

  5. Hi Shayma, yes, I have accepted the fact that it is a nice get away. But, not having a car, one that we’ll not hurry out to again too soon. Btw, I saw at least 3 Bastianics there, wonder which one is the good one!? And then there is Pascucci, I hear…. would your friend care to share where the best moscardini are?

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