March 14, 2010

By: hande

Mar 14 2010

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Focal Length:66mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80

leave me alone

or bother at own risk


8 comments on “March 14, 2010”

  1. OK, today is my birthday-sometimes I feel like he looks………

  2. Cekerken korkmadınmı? Fakat cok “treu” bakıyor, tirnakları nekadar muntazam.!!!!Kangal yerine düşenebilirsin????!!

  3. what language is that? I can’t use Google Translator unless Iknow which language it is. I know it’s not German, Dutch, Finnish, Danish-


    • lol, Roseann, it is Turkish! And the author, “anne” or “annesi” is my mom, who is actually originally German but is Turkish now (after marrying a Turk and been living there for the last, umm, 46 years now!) and she uses the language she feels like at every situation – you should see the two of talk, mixing Turkish and German in the most impossible ways!

  4. Whew-well, no wonder I didn’t recognize it!

    How long have you lived in Roma?

    I visited Roma at Christmastime last year but hadn’t discovered // yet.

    Quel dommage!…..(adding yet another language!)

    • :) I have been living here for 2 years and 3 months now but started this blog only on Jan 1st of this year! When will you be here next time?

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